Established in 2018, The first 24 hour open cafe in colombo 07, the peppermint cafe is an independent counter service cafe centrally located in Colombo’s most glamorous neighborhood, serving coffee-made with Sri Lanka’s premium mountain grown arabica beans.

Our food that we serve, are American oriented portions, from chilli dogs to salads, breakfast to dinner but with an edge, which is our signature.

Whether you’re looking for some French Toasts with Nutella and Strawberries or a 3-Egg Breakfast at 6.00 am or you’re craving for our Chilli Cheese Fries at 2.00 am, We’ll be more than happy to serve you!

Be sure to check out our social media pages and stay tuned for the latest happenings around us.

See you at the Peppermint Cafe !

Cofee shop

Hello and Welcome...!

We are the friendliest Oasis in town where you can sit back , relax whilst enjoying our massive portions of mouth-watering food & beverages!

Peppermint cafe
peppermint cafe
peppermint cafe
peppermint cafe
peppermint cafe

The perfect blend of Sri Lankan mountain grown coffee kicks in a distinct syrupy + dark chocolate, heavy bodied flavor that has a hint of a nutty aftertaste.

Altitude has a deep influence in coffee, as well as weather conditions. Highland grown beans are hard, dense and possess the potential for an exceptional coffee flavour. Generally as growing elevation increases and more fertile soil is present, a coffee's flavor profile becomes more pronounced and distintinctive.

Mountain coffee is generally more costly due to their exceptional flavor & vibrancy, lower yield per coffee tree & the challenge of transportation. However we at peppermint cafe know what good coffe is & strive to go to the highest mountain for you.

100% Arabica Beans


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